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Sichuan Advance Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise established by the first batch of technical personnel engaged in manufacturing and applying a double-screw extruder in China.In the past 30 years of manufacturing and application of parallel twin-screw extruder accumulated a lot of valuable experience, and through their own exploration and reference to foreign advanced technology, broke through the bottleneck of extruder transmission technology, make Advance technology extruder products with high torque, high efficiency, high life, low energy consumption, high cost performance, comprehensive production cost, its main technical indicators are far higher than the technical indicators of domestic manufacturers.Since commercial production, as one of the leaders in the field of domestic extruder, it has been maintained a leading position in domestic technology, while maintaining a synchronous technical level with the first-class foreign extrusion equipment manufacturers.
Team introduce

Technology for the soul, service for this

With the ultimate pursuit of products and a deep understanding of the market, we have gathered a group of talents with common goals to explore a new mode of manufacturing, so that technicians can focus more on RESEARCH and development, and enterprises can focus more on expanding new areas of technology. The company has more than 60 professional and technical personnel, including 1 senior registered mechanical engineer, 5 senior engineers, 9 intermediate engineers, 6 senior technicians and 26 intermediate technicians. Company set up technology department, electronic department, qc department, after-sales department, laboratory and production plant, such as core department, team covers product development, design, electrical control technology, manufacturing, quality control and after sales support, realize the product full closed loop, the whole process of autonomous control, thus ensuring the high response and high quality level of products and services.
Development process

development history

Since the beginning of the 1990s, our equipment has been applied in different fields, mainly involving rubber and plastic, petrochemical, chemical, sheet film, composite materials, etc. According to the different requirements of customers on output and process flow, we customize models suitable for customers, so as to produce more high-quality products!

Through continuous research and practice, we have achieved 18 Nm/cm³ Pro with torque from 8.0 Nm/cm³ in the 1990s to the current 18 Nm/cm³. The minimum clearance of single screw can reach 0.1mm to achieve precision extrusion, and the core technology has reached the world's top level.
  • 2002

    Our company replaces the gearbox for the world's largest OEM factory, marking the localization of the core parts of the imported extruder.

  • 2004

    The birth of our company's first 480 differential mixing concentrator marks the beginning of localization of polymer post-processing equipment.

  • 2009

    Reaction type intermeshing non-meshing large length-diameter ratio twin-screw extruder line marks the birth of domestic reaction type extruder.

  • 2011

    To become a qualified supplier of imported gearboxes for GE Plastics in Asia.

  • 2013

    Repair ZSK250 large gearbox and open the overhaul service of large import extrusion granulation device in petrochemical enterprises.

  • 2014

    TM223 design and reconstruction of TM223 complete cylinder and threaded elements, upgrading and transformation of gearbox, and all-round upgrading of imported equipment.

  • 2017-2020

    Provide 12 sets of extrusion granulating devices for petrochemical industry (SPG process), and officially enter the extrusion granulating industry of polyolefin.

  • 2020

    Entrusted by the owner and manufacturer, completed the installation and debugging of 400,000 tons PE and 260,000 tons PC devices in the petrochemical industry, and mastered the system integration technology of large imported extrusion granulation devices.

  • 2021

    Completed the 2021 extrusion and grain preparation of Sinopec Jihua Branch overhaul service.

    Responsible HPL330 swing extrusion equipment production

The future
forge ahead and continue glory
Corporate culture

corporate culture

Technology first, artisans set up enterprises

Advance always sticks to the enterprise philosophy of "technology first, craftsman set enterprise", and continues to carry out the development idea of "technology research and development as the core, craftsman spirit set enterprise". While optimizing the extrusion system, new application fields have been developed in the application of extrusion line. On the basis of consolidating the current market position, according to the market demand and the development trend of the new material industry, vigorously promote energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy, build a new development pattern, carefully carve every machine, with professional service to each customer.

Technical advantages

technological superiority

  • The most advanced and stable transmission structure, 20 years of stable operation performance

    Adopt the most advanced transmission structure in the world at present, that is, the output shaft force structure is the most reasonable "double side gear symmetrical drive form", and the first-line brands in Germany and Japan use the same transmission structure; The biggest advantage of this structure is to provide a long-term stability of high precision, high torque output guarantee, its life ≥72000 hours; Maximum specific torque up to 18Nm/cm3, maximum screw speed 1800rpm.

  • Screw clearance custom design for optimal material characteristics

    Our independently developed multiple functional components and mixed dispersed components provide greater processing flexibility for various materials and processing processes. Thanks to the stability of the gearbox system, our screw clearance value can be smaller (minimum to 0.1mm), and most domestic manufacturers to avoid screw interference with each other during the operation, the clearance value is more than 1.5 times of our's.

  • The whole line control system integration, Precise temperature control and intelligent operation

    Intuitive human-computer interface realizes accurate temperature control, intelligent and humanized operation; online record, monitoring equipment and production operation conditions, monitoring energy efficiency, process and efficiency optimization design; complete cost control scheme, measure energy efficiency consumption; realize "energy saving" and "green" production for customers.

  • Customize technical solutions to solve the industry pain points

    Provide customized design for different products and processes, tailored from torque, speed, cylinder arrangement, screw configuration, groove depth ratio, material, control system, to maximize accurate production and use efficiency.

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