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Sichuan Advance Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise established by the first batch of technical personnel engaged in manufacturing and applying a double-screw extruder in China.In the past 30 years of manufacturing and application of parallel twin-screw extruder accumulated a lot of valuable experience, and through their own exploration and reference to foreign advanced technology, broke through the bottleneck of extruder transmission technology, make Advance technology extruder products with high torque, high efficiency, high life, low energy consumption, high cost performance, comprehensive production cost, its main technical indicators are far higher than the technical indicators of domestic manufacturers.Since commercial production, as one of the leaders in the field of domestic extruder, it has been maintained a leading position in domestic technology, while maintaining a synchronous technical level with the first-class foreign extrusion equipment manufacturers.
Chairman's Speech
Standing at a new starting point, we will closely around "solve industry pain points",
continue to implement craftsman spirit, respect technology training craftsmen,
follow national policy changes, master more independent core technology,
provide world-class stable high-quality products,
enhance the industrial chain supply chain independent controllable ability,
for industries to improve capacity and quality to provide continuous strong power.
The road to development has a long way to go.
We are willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to build a new mileage!
Chairman:Wang duo yong
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