Technical Services

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Repair and replacement

  • Upgrade

  • Technical consulting

  • Technical training

  • Laboratory

We providecommissioning and driving service of all types of extrusion machines at home and abroad

We provide maintenance and replacement services of German series and Japanese series.

Successful Cases:
TM223 gearbox repair and in-suit replacement
ZSE50,60,75,80,110 gearbox repair and in-suit replacement
TEX54,65,77,90,140,160,230,250,335 gearbox repair 、in-suit replacement and upgrade
TEM35,48,58,75,104,136,175 gearbox repair and in-suit replacement
ZSK45,53,58,70,92,133,177,250,320 gearbox repair and in-suit replacement

We provide output improvement and electrical upgrading service for imported German and Japanese old extrusion granulating units。

Successful case:
Maris223 Polymerization machine gearbox reconstruction
Modification of K resin mixing devolatilization counter twin-screw extruder
Toshiba BS Upgrade to Toshiba SS(Gearbox Upgrade)
CMP230 PP granulation unit overhaul
ZSK320 extrusion granulation device granulation system electrical upgrading

We can provide pre-sale, during and after-sales technical consulting services to help you solve problems,
reduce losses and optimize the production process。

We can provide professional training services to help production
and maintenance personnel to understand and operate the equipment.

Our company is equipped with independent experimental extruder,
experimental equipment and professional technical team,
which can provide the early experimental service of equipment ordering according to customer requirements.

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